Nov 242009
What’s a Sustainable Competitive Advantage, and how do I get one?

Simply put, a Sustainable Competitive Advantage provides superior business results versus competition through greater efficiency and/or a valuable, differentiated, customer offer. It has to be durable, so it lasts over time, and it has to be difficult to imitate, so the competition can’t easily copy it. It often results from continuous innovation, so [...]

Nov 112009
Which way is the future? - Planning in the age of uncertainty

Business schools teach that the best measure of the value of a business is the cash that’s generated by the business. This is usually defined as the net present value (NPV), or the current value of the cash flow the business will generate in the future. So according to the textbooks, selecting between [...]

Nov 052009

In the previous post I probably left out the obvious, which is that the best source of information about your customer is your customer. Collaborating with customers to optimize your respective supply chains or manufacturing processes can allow you to build stronger customer relationships and loyalty based on more than just price. But [...]

Oct 292009
Business Analysis - Understanding your environment

Business analysis is all about better understanding yourself, your customers, your competition and your environment in order to make better business decisions and develop strategies that create value by improving your competitive position.

Oct 282009

Welcome to OctoBlog, a great place to discuss business strategy.
Business Strategy can be lots of things. It can be innovative, adaptive, corrective, offensive, defensive, agressive or disruptive. Sometimes it’s geographic, national, local, regional, international or even global. It’s usually long term, often medium term, but in a pinch it can [...]