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Welcome!   I’m Nick Tillmann, president of Octopus International LLC, here with my wife on a recent business trip.   We help clients add value by creating and implementing successful business strategies, effectively developing new business opportunities or simply making better business decisions.


As your strategic partner we can help with any aspect of a project, including overall project management, framing and screening strategic options, developing project economics or navigating the murky waters of a developing market.

Our approach is open, flexible and collaborative.  We would begin by meeting with you to understand your project or issue, and we would determine jointly how and if we can help you. 

This site provides information on my background and gives you a feel for our approach to developing and managing business strategies.

Please give us a call (+1 832 748 1900) or send an email if you think we can help you, or if you see something you find interesting and would like to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you.

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